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Bocas del Toro is like nothing else in Panama.  It's unique Caribbean flavor contrasts to the rest of the country.  Located on Isla Colon, "Bocas Town" is the capital of the province of Bocas del Toro.  Activity is water based, and standard transportation is via water taxis (usually pongas with 40 h.p. outboards).  Inside the Bocas archipelago the waters are calm and clear.  Becoming known as an international tourist destination, it is now also becoming popular with the cruising community as a good place to weather the Caribbean hurricane season.

Bocas Yacht Club

  Our "portable" office is located here at the Bocas Yacht Club and Marina.



Bocas waterfront

Transportation to and from Bocas is by air, with flights from David and Panama City via Air Panama and Aero LaPerla, and direct flights from San Jose, Costa Rica via Nature air.  In addition, high speed water taxis have numerous daily runs to both Almirante and Changuinola on the Panama mainland. 

There is great surfing on the islands facing the Caribbean, and excellent diving and snorkeling throughout the protected inside.

Zapatallia beach

From a real estate perspective, although some good titled properties can be purchased, numerous Bocas del Toro real estate sales are completed through right of possession (rop).  Caution must be taken when purchasing any rop property, and the price of that property should reflect that form of ownership. A good rule of thumb: if the Title Insurance Company won't write it, don't buy it.

The mainland side of the Bocas archipelago has some beautiful titled properties.  That said, the source of supplies on that side is the town of Almirante, which we don't like and don't recommend.  While homework is always required in purchasing, special due diligence is required in the Bocas region.

Typical Bocas hotel
Typical hotel construction in Bocas

Hotel waterfront side

Hotel waterfront side